Colour Management

Working with many prestigious clients such as The National Gallery and Museums and Galleries, Colour management is obviously a top criteria. In light of this, we made the decision to install the 'Mellow Colour' Printspec colour control system. This gives us complete colour integrity, matching ISO 12647-2 (the current standard for offset lithography) from colour proof and viewing conditions through to print conditions on press and the final product.

In order to achieve the accreditation a colour team was set up, this combines tests from both pre-press and the print room. We were delighted with the results from the outset, holding mid-tones and shadows open. Our print to proof match is now so accurate we have predicted a saving in make-ready times of over £150k pa on press.

The system monitors all aspects of the proof and printed sheet:-

  1. paper quality
  2. colour gamut
  3. trapping
  4. dot gain
  5. Grey balance

Global colour control

We are also able to offer the same level of colour control with operations overseas and other sites in the UK.

"I was so impressed with the whole team's approach and dedication to this project I awarded the certificate within weeks, usually it's at the first 6 monthly review" - a comment from Alan Dresch of Mellow Colour whose system we installed.