Additional Services


Gordon Graphics employ two experienced full-time readers, who undertake to read your work prior to you receiving your proofs and with your permission would correct any obvious errors ie 'typos' and colour alterations, image faults, general layout, balance and typography and readability where appropriate.

Gordon Graphics have very stringent checking procedures (TSP–SD323b) and once your work has been imposed it will be checked again and signed-off by the two readers. Then finally, the plate will be given a final check by the platemaker prior to printing.

Poster output

Gordon Graphics can offer a poster output service, using our Largo Proofing device to produce posters. These can be anything up to B1
in size, please give us a call if you would like to know more about this service.

Photopolymer plates

These are used as coating plates for various varnish applications on press. Whilst these plates are currently produced off site, these will soon be produced on site. Please call if you wish to know more.

Barcode creation

We can offer a comprehensive service for barcode generation, whether you require this service for placement of barcodes onto layouts or multiple barcodes at specific sizes. Call us to find out more.