With its fast output speed, Cromalin® Largo delivers high quality contract proofs up to three times the speed of other inkjet printers. With a large format of 44" width, the Largo 4406 is suitable for proofing individual pages or scatter proofing a group of images.

The Largo also accommodates a wide range of stock materials and can be used to print high quality posters (up to a run of ten).

All our proofing devices are calibrated regularly to maintain industry standards and provide the customer with consistent results.


The Cézanne Elite is an all-in-one scanner capable of scanning both transparencies and flat artworks up to SRA3. It features an A3-plus scanning bed for scanning originals of up to 329mm x 530mm.

The advanced CCD array and XY zoom mechanism help the Cézanne Elite attain its remarkable 589 to 5,300 dpi range of optical resolutions across the entire scanning bed.

Output is possible at up to 20,000 dpi with the aid of the Cézanne Elite’s precision interpolation function, and the user can choose RGB, CMYK, Grayscale or lineart output. It has an incredibly high scanning speed, without compromising the quality of the image.