ISO 9001

To achieve the business plan’s targets in promoting customer service we must rely upon a dedicated workforce. We believe it is of vital importance to have the correct ratio of experience against new apprentices.

Working within ISO 9001 all training is mapped on a training plan, this gives the ability to cross train and ensures the flexibility of skills to cover for holidays and working unusual shift patterns. We have always provided a £500 annual training budget for individual training requirements.

Daily proofing schedules and deadlines are achieved and monitored directly by the staff after an initial production meeting. It was this close relationship with the staff and the directors of Gordon Graphics, that was the key to winning of the Investors in People award in 2005. In recognition of the staff’s commitments a bonus scheme based on quality improvements was introduced into this year’s business plan.

ISO 14001

Over the last few years Gordon Graphics have taken an active role in the groups environmental commitments.

Each year six new environmental objectives are agreed, and worked towards during the course of that year. A bimonthly meeting is held in order to check on progress and create new objectives to replace those completed.

We have also undertaken a weeks tree planting in Scotland with 'Trees for life' and taken an active part in 'Nottingham in Bloom' campaigns.