About Gordon Graphics...

Started in 1981 Gordon Graphics was developed to service the pre–press requirements of The Sherwood Press. Within our first year and with six employees we achieved a turnover of £70,000, providing
a full range of repro services from typesetting and page make-up through to camera work, film assembly, proofing and finally

Back in the 1980’s this was considered a comprehensive reprographic service. More than 25 years later Gordon Graphics recognise the swing from a total production based approach, to an approach focused on customer service.

We extend this service with operations in the Far East, where printing presses are ISO 12647 colour profiled to ensure a complete synergy with products printed in the UK.

With a team of 13 employees and a current turnover
of 1.1 million, and a professional state-of-the-art studio,
we believe we are well positioned to offer these services
for the foreseeable future.